Our origins are in conventional topography and we still provide this service. We are currently providing TECHNICAL TOPOGRAPHICAL ASSISTANCE in works with a budget of up to 900 million euros, such as the CST ILANGA 1, the CST BOKPOORT or the CST KATHU 1 in South Africa.

We are specialists in Cartography at varying scales, photogrammetry and aerotriangulation. It is not just cartography, rather INTELLIGENT CARTOGRAPHY. We adapt to the client data model. Our experience in specific coding of Highway Maintenance IS BACKED UP BY more than 2,000 km of cartography at a scale of 1:1,000

Avoidance of accidents and catastrophes associated with large engineering works or natural phenomena.
Early and precise detection of movements or deformations in natural or artificial structures in real time, enable prompt decision making
Monitoring involves periodic automatic measurements at reference points.

Tunnel Controls



Structure Monitoring